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One of the most valuable NFT projects of the Solana Sea.

Kaizoku Mechanics tool for staking NTFs
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We make our community dreams come true on Solana

Kaizoku Mechanics is an NFT project that elevates your NFT journey by offering you trading tools and an ecosystem of on-demand talents. Become a Solana doer and make your dream come true !

An outstanding NFT collection

The collection includes 4287 3D tailor-made NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. The Kaizoku artwork stands out from the crowd as a top-ranked project. By acquiring a Kaizoku Mechanics NFT, you get access to exclusive perks and become part of an amazing community of quality members.

Saucehunter_ NFT avatar

Founder & Head of development

Tochiro Kaizoku NFT avatar

Head of strategy & marketing

Kokoro Chisana NFT avatar

Artistic Director

M3_an3 NFT avatar

Community manager & head of collaboration

Yattaran NFT avatar


Head of events & moderation

The corsair mindset

As a Kaizoku member, you first adhere to our mindset : navigating the world like a Corsair (i.e. “Kaizoku”) with courage and confidence. Thanks to the Kaizoku community, you benefit from numerous resources to become a valuable actor in the Solana ecosystem.

Corsair Gundam, the Kaizoku spirit
NFTS tools made by builders for doers
NFTS tools made by builders for doers

By builders for doers

We understood early on that The NFT market would mature very quickly. Time is about creating actionable value for NFTs holders. Thus we are 100% focused on building tools that will be useful to you.

Raffle tool for NFTs by Kaizoku Mechanics

What we deliver

Kaizoku Mechanics gives you access to great utilities. Our actions are directed to perfect your NFT trading strategy : exclusive rarity-based staking, a custom in-house sniper tool, and a raffle system. We are constantly under development, and our most significant features are yet to come to build links between talents and projects within Solana.

Raffle tool for NFTs by Kaizoku Mechanics

Kaizoku make your dream come true.

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