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What is the meaning behind “Kaizoku Mechanics” ?

Kaizoku” is a Japanese word that refers to pirates and corsairs. Looking back at their origin, the pirate was an outlaw who sailed and plundered ships for his purposes. But, on the other hand, the corsair was mandated by a sovereign to exercise his right to plunder legally. In this sense, “Kaizoku” represents the mindset of the valiant corsair, sailing on the seas that are these new lands of the crypto world, taking his own spaces inside and going forward whatever the adversity, as well as a recent sort of degenerate ready to take risks to reach the top.

Then, “Mechanics” is a reference to the Gundam structure that is highly technical and reminds us of the importance of technology to change the world. Its second meaning is linked with the following principle: always understand the mechanics of the market before playing the game.

What is the reason why for Kaizoku Mechanics ?

Kaizoku Mechanics is based on a peculiar philosophy “Kaizoku make your dream come true” Indeed, this project starts from the conviction that everyone can and should fulfill one’s dream. Thanks to NFT technology and community power, Kaizoku Mechanics builds specific tools to be actioned by our holders for their NFT trading routine.

How are you achieving the Kaizoku Mechanics vision ?

Our development team works on building high-value technical utilities to be provided for our holders. These tools allow our members to automate their NFT trading routine and commit to new projects in the Solana ecosystem.

Where can I lean more about the project ?

We created our own blog : The Kaizo Lab, with further details on our core actions.

What about minting ?

Minting occurred on the 10th of June and the whole supply was minted out in 19 minutes.

Can I join the team ?

As a community-based project, we believe in the members being part of the evolution of the project. In this sense, we regularly publish job offers on our Discord server. Feel free to reach out through a ticket if you have something great to bring and stay tuned for the next offers.

Can my project collaborate with Kaizoku Mechanics ?

We are very focused on partnering with serious, high-quality projects within the Solana ecosystem. Thus, if you can bring some value and want to collaborate, please reach out in Discord.

In which marketplaces are you listed ?

We are listed on Magic Eden and OpenSea. Please double-check before any access that you are on the official links to prevent yourself from scams. 

Is the team doxxed ?

We are privately doxxed to Magic Eden.

Kaizoku make your dream come true.

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