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Don’t be fooled by the childlike appearance of this drawing. Take the time to look globally, then zoom in wherever you want. We symbolized our roadmap in a detailed design that gathers our various ongoing projects. It is a holistic way to apprehend the Kaizoku project as we adapt our priorities depending on the trends of the NFT market and your variable expectations. So do your best to discover our milestones but keep this in your head: you’re not ready for what we are cooking.

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If you have discovered any of our steps, feel free to join us on Discord and share your findings. You might be a visionary !

NFTS tools made by builders for doers

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We are constantly in the development phase, either for building new features or improving our tools. As of today, we provided several features to our holders.
Our next ongoing creation will make a lot of noise on Solana. So join us and be part of the real game changers.

NFTS tools made by builders for doers

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